Perfect time to shop

The sister has been planning to buy new pants and shirts to wear for work.  The old ones she has does not fit to her anymore because of the weight he gains after giving birth.  She wants to lose some weight but it is not possible because she breastfeeds her baby.  She opted to buy new clothes than dieting.  She is waiting for the perfect time to shop because the sister will also buy new clothes for her four months old baby.  The baby grows so fast, the clothes that we bought when the baby is one month old does not fit well.

March 16, 2017, was the city’s 80th anniversary.  There is mall wide sale on the department stores and malls in the city.  The sister and I went to the mall last Saturday.  It is the perfect time to shop her clothes and the baby.  It has huge discounts on almost all items.  We will for sure enjoy shopping because of the great offers.  The sister bought two pants and shirts for her at a low price.  Also, got huge discounts on the baby’s clothes.  Because of the discounts that we got, the sister also able to buy new shirts for her two sons.  It is like hitting two birds with one stone.  I also bought polo dress for myself.  Happy shoppers, we are indeed!

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The Kadayawan Festival Activities

It is Kadayawan Festival once again here in our city.  The event where the people of Davao City (Philippines) is all been waiting for.  This is one of the big event that the city of Davao is celebrating.  There are lots of activities awaits for the people of Davao and all the tourist who came to witness the Kadayawan Festival celebration.  Activities like street dancing, floral float parade, concerts at the park, local and national celebrities are coming over to entertain the people of Davao, big discounts at the malls, and many others makes the people so excited of the festival.

Among those that I mentioned, I am more interested in the mall wide sale.haha!  The malls will be crowded by shoppers for sure because of the big discounts.  Who would not like to buy the items/products that they want at a lesser price?  I went to the mall the other day and I must say that the malls are so ready for the mall wide sale.  It is time to shop shoppers but we should not forget to think of our priorities.  When it is not that needed, we can pass like what I am going to do this time.  I will wait for Christmas where sales are everywhere.  I will just enjoy window shopping and watching the activities that is prepared for the people to enjoy and have fun.

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Will grab the sale before it’s over

The mall wide sale is part of the Araw ng Davao celebration.  It is a month offers to the people of the Davao to go shopping with the discount.  I did not able to go shopping last month for some reason.  The mall wide sale is almost over.  I hope to grab this opportunity before it is over.  This Holy week I will be going to the province of my sister’s in-laws.  Her family will going to spend the holy week there.  She wants to rest and unwind away from the busy city.  Going to the province is a good idea I must say.

Before our short travel to Agusan, Philippines (the province of her husband), this Holy Week, the sister and I are going to buy some stuff that we could bring on our short vacation.  I will be buying personal stuffs too.  We will be buying few stuff.  We are glad that the mall wide sale isn’t over yet.  I already have on my list what I need to bring at the province.  I am so excited because this is my first time to travel on Holy Week.  It took me several attempts to ask my father’s permission.  I will for sure have good times at the province.

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