She gives justice to the dress

image not mine

Finally, the Philippines representative in the recently concluded Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 wins the title.  Yes, Maureen Wroblewitz remains victorious after weeks of hardships and trials of photo shoot and pictorials.  I was not able to see all the episodes weekly but I make sure that I will not miss the remaining weeks before the final.  The Philippines bet Maureen is not the frontrunner and considered to be the unexpected candidate.  She rises at the time that she needed it the most.  She proves to everybody that she deserves to be there and she has something to show off.  The photos that she won tells that I want this and I will win this.

Anyways, on the finale night, I make sure that I will not miss it for I really felt that Philippines bet will win the captivating Asia’s Next Top Model title.  Indeed, Maureen became victorious. She stood up on the runway and nailed the last photo shoot.  I must say that she really gives justice to the dresses that she wore that night.  And the last photo shoot was amazing.  The photo tells that I am the Asia’s Next Top Model and I am the queen.  After years of being the runners-up now is the time for the Philippines to have the title.  And Maureen gives it to us all.  Congratulations to Maureen!

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