What I want for Christmas

Christmas is indeed fast approaching.  I can feel the spirit of Christmas in our village, in the city and in the malls.  It is time for gift giving and receiving.  And I like the latter part…haha!  Just kidding!  I already have my list but not sure if I am able to buy it this Christmas.  I have to consider my budget, and consider saving money for the rainy days.  My nephews and nieces told me the gifts that they want to receive this Christmas.  I just give them my sweet smile.  I told him, I will try but not promise anything.  One thing that I can surely give them is my love, care and prayer.  It is for me and priceless.

Few days ago, I am surprised by my nephew.  He is asking me what I want for Christmas.  And said that he will give me a present this Christmas.  I am so touched because at his age, he thought of giving me a gift.  The nephew is six years old by the way.  I did not answer him right away because I am speechless.  Surely the nephew is sweet.  I never thought he would asked me that question at his age.  Anyways, thank you nephew for the thought.  Also, I already told him of what I want for Christmas and he run to his mother and said, Mama, Tita (aunt) want this for Christmas.haha!  We’ll see if I get what I want for Christmas.  Thank you JC!

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Orange Motif

Every birthday celebration of the nephew, the older sister will have motif even if the celebration is a simple one.  To her, having motif will make the birthday celebration of her son memorable.  It makes the celebrations fun and exciting for the whole family because it makes us so busy looking and preparing for the dress that we will be wearing on the big day of the nephew.  The nephew’s birthday is on December 25.  It is a double celebration so to speak.  We are celebrating the birth of Jesus and my nephew JC.

The nephew will turn five (5) this year.  And his motif for this year is orange.  Very lively color indeed.  The sister already bought their orange costumes and they are so ready for the birthday celebration.  I checked my closet already and sad to say I do not have orange t-shirt because the color is not a cup of my tea.  I think the color is not suited for me, it will only makes me look darker.  But since it is the nephew’s birthday motif, I guess I have to follow and will buy color orange top or t-shirt.  Good luck to me and I hope I will be able to find nice shade of orange that suited to my skin color.  This would be so fun shopping orange stuff.

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The nephew reminded me of the promise I made

Okay, this is the continuation of my previous post about being forgetful. The nephew and I are walking on the street on our way to the area where the jeepney (public vehicles) area. I am walking straight holding the nephew’s hand when he asked if I will go back to the store where I fitted leggings. I am shocked, really. I forgot that I promised to come back the following day to buy the leggings. I forgot to bring my wallet then when I went to the store. So I told the attendant that I will be back the following day.

It was my nephew who remembered while we are walking. My goodness, the senior moment strikes at me again. Anyways, we went back to the store where I fitted the leggings. The moment we entered at the store, the attendant smiled at me. I guess he remembers me. He took the leggings that I have fitted and give it to me and paid at the cashier. Thanks to my nephew who reminded me of the promise I made to the attendant. Well, the nephew is five years old, so his memory is very clear. I already washed the leggings and I am excited to wear it.

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Loves the red color

A week ago, the SIL, kids and I went to the mall to unwind and maybe buy something for the kids.  They used to do going to the mall to spend time with their kids.  It is their way of bonding after the busy week.  They also bring the kids to their favorite fast food chain.  This time I am going with them since their father went to fishing.  The SIL decided to buy new school uniforms, socks, inner for the nieces and shorts and top for the nephew.  IT has been a while since the last time she bought something for the kids.

Since I do not have budget to buy something for myself, I am just doing window shopping and at the same time helping the SIL finding something for her kids.  Also, they asked for my opinion about their choices.  I like the idea that they asked me because it makes me feel like an expert when it comes to fashion. Lol  The SIL found the one she wants to buy for her son, unfortunately the nephew doesn’t like it.  While we are busy looking something for him, he is also busy looking something for himself.  When the SIL and I agreed to buy the one she picks, the nephew gives to us the color red shirt and shorts.  Nyay!  He wants the color red instead of the color blue that we pick.  To me it is unusual because boys do like color blue or green.  Well, we cannot say no to the little one because he is the one who will wear it so we just bought the color red that he likes.

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She can relax now

After the congenital ultrasound, the sister was advised to have 2DECHO for the baby.  When the baby was born, the sister opted not to take 2DECHO examinations since the doctor says, it is normal that the heart of every child is open.  Eventually it will be closed as the baby grows older.  However, every day the sister worries that something is wrong with her baby.  So she went to other pediatrician for second opinion.  The pediatrician checked the nephew and said that she doesn’t hear any murmuring sound of the nephew’s heart.  We are relieved after hearing the second opinion.  But still the sister does have worries.

The worries that the sister is having for months arises when the nephew turns so pale and have difficulty in breathing.  That incident makes the sister decides to go to the pediatrician and have the nephew be checked.  The pediatrician said the same thing, however, he said that it is better to pursue the 2DECHO examination to have our peace of mind and we can relax.  Yesterday was the nephew’s schedule for 2DECHO examination.  After 20 of checking, we were told that the nephew’s heart is normal and nothing to worry about.  The sister can relax now and can sleep without any worries about her son’s heart.  Thanks to God.

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