Her first photo shoot in the studio

My one-year-old niece had her first photo shoot at the studio the other day.  My sister, her mom, been doing this since her first born, put it frame and hang it on the wall at thier house and in album.  Each kid has frame and album for their to look back once they old.  It is a nice way of keeping their memories.  The things that we do not have because our mother was sickly and died ata young age.  We do not have enough bondings, and no photos were keep or taken because she was very sickly.  The sister do not want her kids to experience the same, that is why she keep everything, took photos of her kids as remembrance.

Anyways, the photo shoot was not easy.  The niece is scared of the photographer, the lights and the dark studio.haha!  We have to cooperate to keep her still, smile and make a good pose.  The first shoot is nice even if the look of my niece is confused and wondering.  The second shoot was a disaster.  Yes, a disaster because the niece keeps on moving, wants to sit down and crying.  Even if we showed to her many toys, we are making noise and calling her name, it was no effect, she is crying until the last click of the camera.  The photos were still nice though.  She has a good memory of crying face while taking a picture in the studio.  I wonder what would be her reaction when she grows older and saw her crying face.haha!

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We’re not able to return it back

December 22, 2017, my sister-in-law bought a wrist watch for her first born.  One of the niece’s Christmas list, to have a new wristwatch.  Unfortunately, when they got home, the watch stops working.  We thought that the battery is low.  The brother opens the watch and then put the extra battery that the saleslady gave.  However, the watch still not working.  Herr father told her to bring back the wristwatch to the store where they bought it the following day.  I will be accompanying the niece because I will be going to the same mall to buy the sweatshirt that I like.  We are supposed to go early, however, I am so sleepy after the morning mass.  I told the niece to go after we took a nap.

We are ready to go at 10:00 in the morning of December 23, 2017, when the SIL called asking if we are already at the mall.  Told her we are about to go.  She then told us to cancel it because the said mall was on fire.  It was a very sad news because Christmas is approaching.  Because of what had happened, we ‘re not able to return the wristwatch back.  The niece is so sad, but good thing we did not go early to the mall.  The wristwatch is the niece’s remembrance.  Charge to experience.  We will just buy her another wristwatch.

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Ordering the cakes for their birthday

Time flies really fast.  My niece who was born October last year will now celebrate her first birthday next month.  It is like yesterday when her mother gave birth to her and now she turns one (1).  Just like what she did to her two sons, the sister wants the first birthday of her baby girl a memorable one. She is planning to have a huge celebration (not that huge though) because it will be a double celebration for her baby girl and her husband have the same birthday.  There will be two cakes on the table to share and expecting more visitors to come.

The motif of the niece is hello kitty and the father is the clash of clans character.  I am ordering cakes from a friend.  I also told her of the cakes design and the sizes.  I am glad I have a friend who is into this business because I get discounts from the cakes I ordered.  I haven’t tasted the cakes she made so I am curious about how good she is.  She is still looking for the designs and will message me once the design is made for our approval.  The birthday celebration will be great and memorable I must say.  The list of the foods to prepare is on a process.  Hopefully, the sister finished the plans two weeks before the event.  I can sense a tiring and busy day is coming.  Good luck to me and to us!

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Denim theme on her first birthday

My sister is the kids of person that plan everything ahead of time to avoid panicking and stress.  As much as possible, she wants to get things ready and organized two weeks before the event.  Which is good because when you are stress and panicking because you were running out of time, you cannot think straight for you are confused about what should be done first.  The same thing she did on her wedding day.  She is less stress because all is set three weeks before the wedding day.  We relaxing and just waiting for the sister’s big day, her wedding.  She acts as the wedding planner during her wedding day.  She likes the outcome of her wedding.  Less stress and very nice flow of the event.

After that experience, the sister is also the event coordinator of her two sons.  At the moment, she is planning for the first birthday celebration of her little princess this October.  She has thought of the theme and motif already.  The sister decided to have a denim motif for her little princess’s first birthday.  I am pretty sure that this would be a very nice event.  Simple and memorable for the family.  Oops, I guess I have to look for a denim dress that I will wear on the niece first birthday.  Let’s go denim party.

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Bought school uniform for the niece

Last Friday, we went to the mall to buy the school requirements of the kids.  The classes will start on June 5,2017, Monday.  The kids are not ready yet to go to school because we wanted to play more than going to school.  But after seeing their school uniforms, new school bags, new shoes and school requirements, they suddenly eager to go to school.  Yes, they are motivated to go to school when they saw their new stuffs for school.  The kids are so easy to please and motivate.  You just should show them some new stuffs and that’s it!

I went to mall with sister because she needs an assistant. LOL  Also, I am thinking of buying new school uniform for the niece.  I wanted to surprise her with new school uniform.  It is my way of saying thank you for being a good girl and for being helpful to me when I need her.  She is more responsible than her older sister.  Seeing her surprised look when I told her that I bought her new school uniform makes me happy.  She said thank you to me.  She told her parents too that she already has school uniform.  She is more excited to go to her new school.  I wish her good luck and wish she will do well at school.

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