First try of her new walker

The niece just turned six (6) months old a week ago.  Her legs is a bit strong so her mother decided to buy her a new walker.  The old walker will be put in our house since the niece will be in our house once her mother starts working.  The new walker will be in their house.  The new walker that the sister bought is nice and the color is so perfect for her princess.  The older walker is so manly because the owner is her first born, a son.  It is still in good condition but the sister wants to buy her princess a new one.  A thing that her little princess owns.wink*

The little princess had her first try of her new walker.  As you can see in the picture I shared that the niece is enjoying it.  Though she gets bored at first but now she is enjoying it.  Her mother can do more chores at home.  She will be doing chores while the niece is busy walking here and there.  But still she keeps her attention to her little princess while she is cooking, washing dishes, or folding clothes.  Indeed, the walker helps the sister and also the niece to start practice walking for her legs to be much stronger.

The timing was perfect when we bought the walker for the niece last week because it has 20% discounts.  We save some money because of the huge discounts.

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Had her first earrings

The five months old niece is the new apple of our eyes.  She gives us happiness every day because she is so bubbly little angel.  She grows real fast and I am sad thinking that I won’t have a baby to carry in my arms.  Each day with her is a treasure.  I always took a photo of her because she smiles a lot.  I do not want to miss any details so I took photos as the remembrance and to show to her parents who missed this moment because they both are working.  I want to keep them posted even on photos.

Recently, the niece has her first earrings.  Her mother decided to have it this early because if we will do it, later on, it will be very difficult.  We have experienced before on the daughter of my older brother, the baby cried a lot.  It seems like she knows what is going on, and she felt pained.   The sister does not want that to happen to her daughter, so, she decided to have ear piercing early.  Good thing the niece does not cry, but she is!  The niece is more pretty now and so adorable with her new earrings.  We bought the earrings at the mall with free ear piercing because going to the pediatrician is a bit expensive.  It was a good decision because the store is on sale. We saved a lot I must say.

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Getting things ready

My sister gave birth today.  She will give birth via C-Section, so we already know when will the baby arrives.  While waiting for the grand arrival of our little princess, I started getting things ready for her.  I washed the old baby clothes my niece will be wearing, also the new clothes she bought since she will be having a baby girl.  oh yeah, the sister will have baby girl and she is the happiest mom in the world.  Answered prayer so to speak.  She has been praying to have a baby girl since she already have two sons.

Back to the preparation I did, I am done preparing the babies personal things two months before her arrival.  Yes, that is how excited I am.haha!  In fact I am becoming impatient for the niece’s arrival.  Oh, by the way her name is Allysa Lianne.  Sweet name, isn’t it?  Anyways, today the long wait is over because baby Lianne is finally arrives.  And she will be home in three days.  So, I am making the final preparation this morning.  I washed the comforter baby Lianne will be using, and the mosquito net.  The house is so ready for Lianne.  Hope that the sister will regain strength fast and baby Lianne will be released from the nursery room so we can go home and enjoy watching Lianne and touch her finally.

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Girly talks with my niece

I used to see my niece playing her favorite toys, running in the backyard playing with her siblings and friends and seeing her looks so messy.  I am surprised when I saw her fixing herself in front of the mirror.  She always fixed her hair, combing her hair, making sure she looks good every time she goes out of the house to meet her new sets of friends in the neighborhood.  My God the niece is getting bigger and I am getting older.  Although I like seeing her fixing herself in front of the mirror, it makes me sad thinking that sooner they do not like me around them

I have heard them once talking about crushes.  OMG! My niece is in dangerous stage.  The stage of confusion and curiosity.  However, I do not worry a lot because the niece is the kind of girl that always asked my opinion about the things that she wants to learn and know about.  Yes, I am like her mother because she is closer to me than her mother.  Well, she grow up in my arms and under my care.  I like it when she asked me about adolescence/teenagers stage.  It is scary indeed but I give my best advice and opinion about certain things.  I sometimes makes joke because she gives me frowning face.

Anyways, I like our girly talks because I haven’t experience it when I was at her age because my mother past away when I was nine (9).  Thanks to my niece for this experience/s.

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Looking a phone for the niece

My motivation for the kids when the classes started last June 2013, if they will do well at school and finished with honors I will buy them cellphone/mobile phone.  This is to encourage them do study more and do well in their classes.  It is a big challenge for them since they really like to have their phone.  Every grading period, I always check their grades to know if they really into the challenge.  They are a not studious kid and so I challenged them with this award from me if they finished with honors.  And they are up for this challenge.

I wasn’t expecting for the nieces to be one of the honor students because her examinations results is really low.  However, three days before their recognition day, I was told by the niece ( Ella) that she is part of the honor students.  I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting it.  This means one thing, I have to buy phone for her.  She did well, and so she deserves an award.  I need to find a phone for her as a reward.  Good thing the mall wide sale is up until April 16, 2014, extended deals for the Araw ng Davao celebration (Fiesta of Davao City).  I can still get a discount when I purchase.  Thanks to the mall wide sale.

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