Making use of what is available

This week is a career guidance week at school.  There is a program at the school where students are encouraged to wear the of what they want to be when they grew up.  The nieces are confused about what they want to be because they have several in minds.  They want to become a nurse, want to take up computer related course, a teacher, flight attendant, and doctor.  They are in the middle of selecting the costume to wear.  My 11 years old niece is a bit picky, she makes sure that she will look good and her dress/costume will stand out.  While my 14 years old niece is confused about what she really wants.

Since they can’t decide yet, I give my unsolicited advice.haha!  I told them that since they do not have enough time and looking for another costume will cost a bit and no one will help them in doing it because their parents are both working.  Because to become a teacher is one of their choices, why not wear a school uniform of their aunt (my sister) who is a teacher.  My sister has lots of old school uniforms.  Instead of spending, why not make use of what is available.  I am glad that the nieces consider my suggestion.  And now they are wearing an old school uniform of their aunt.  To be picky is not applicable when you are running out of time and budget.  Good luck to the future teachers in the family.wink*

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I must say they have a taste

Last Sunday, we went early shopping clothes for the kids to wear on their Christmas Party at school.  We decided to do it early to avoid shopping rush and crowded malls/department stores.  It was tiring but fun shopping day with the kids because we let them pick what they like and want.  Not like the usual, we are giving them the chance to pick for their own.  I must say they have lots of things what they like and they want to buy all of them.  But of course we have to tell them that we can only buy one pair.

The girls has different taste.  And I like their sense of fashion.  The 10 years old niece picked a very nice red and white combination of dress.  The funny thing is that her sister, who is 1 years old also like the dress.  It is the first time that they both like the same dress.  Unfortunately, it does not fit to the 12 years old niece.  She angry and burst out on me.  Of course I laughed, well my normal reaction because I have been in the same situation before.  I just saw myself in her.LOL  I talked to her and tell her to look for a dress that fits to her.  Anyways, the early shopping was fun and successful.  The kids bought the dress they picked and we got home happy and smiling.

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The girls and their choice of gowns

I have mentioned in my other blogs that my nieces will be one of the princesses on the culmination day of the Flores De Mayo.  My sister and I wants them to joined so they can fulfill our childhood dreams.  We haven’t given the chance to do this when we were younger for some reason.  Our dreams will be passes to our nieces and they will making it come true.  Thanks to them.  Anyways, since they will be wearing gowns on the culmination day, the sister and I agreed that we will rent gowns.  Renting gowns is cheaper, plus we can select different kinds of gowns.

 photo gowns_zpsfrnl5oi1.png

When we went to the shop, I tried to suggest nice gowns to pick, but they insisted that they will choose the one they like.  Well, they are the one who will wear it so I let them pick the gown they like.  The 11 years old niece pick the ballgown type of gown and the 10 years old niece prefers to wear the simple but looking elegant gown.  She feels like a grown up lady wearing the white gown.  Gosh, they really grown up kids because they already know what they like and want.  Well, their taste isn’t bad at all.  I also like the gowns they picked.  See the image I shared.  What do you think of their choices?

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Tips for finding right backpacks

My nieces are ages 9 and 11 years old. They are in grade 4 and 6 respectively and suffering from back pain. They are carrying heavy load of backpacks every day. The eight books, notebooks and other school things inside their backpacks gives the back pain to nieces. In the morning it is their father who carried their bags to school, and they will be carrying it the whole day at school and going home. Even if we bought lighter backpacks for them, still it doesn’t help lighter their loaded bags. If only there are lockers for every student at public schools, they do not have to carry the books every day.

The nieces would be suffering from this back pain for five more months. I pity the girls carrying heavy bags every day. Five months is not a joke. The brother is thought of buying his girls new backpacks. Looking for backpacks that is best for the girls is not easy. But with the help of tips I read in the computer, looking for backpacks is easy. Read the tips below:

  • Look for a bag with waist or chest straps, which would help distribute loads.
  • Make sure it has wide padded straps.
  • Tighten shoulder straps so the bag’s weight sits on the lower back.
  • Look out for lightweight backpacks.

I do hope with these tips, the girls won’t be suffering much of back pains.

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Already know how to go home

Because the school where the nieces are studying is very far from our home, we do not let the girls go home on their own.  We are afraid that they might be lost or someone might kidnapped them.  It has been rumored here in the country about the group of people who ride in a private van and kidnapped younger ones preferably girls.  Just thinking about it scares us a lot that is why we did not allow the kids to go home on their own after classes.  Even if the sister is always complaining and nagging because she go home with the kids, we do not mind her.

A week ago, the nine years old niece told us that she and her younger sister can go home on their own because she knows how to go home.  At first we are hesitant because of the scary feeling that something might happen however, we have to do it because the niece needs to learn on her own.  Also it will help them to boost their self-confidence.  All we have to do is to pray for them always that nothing harm will happen to them when they are on their way home.  We are happy that the nieces arrived home safely the first day they go home on their own.  I can tell that she really knows how to ride public vehicle to reach home.  They have done it for two weeks now.  They are doing good so to speak.  We always pray for their safety always.

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