One-sided love

I have heard different love story from friends and some people I know.  There are happy and sad stories.  And also heard different conflicts in a relationship.  Also, some friends seek for an advises from me that makes me feel like an expert.  I do love when they come and seek for advises from me because I do get an idea of what kind of the relationship they are having.  At some point give me an idea to do if I was in the same situation like they have.

One story that interest me the most is the one-sided love.  It is the kind of love that a friend is going through right now.  It is the kind of love that only her who values and give importance of their relationship.  Sad to say, the ma does not value her at all and did not see her presence and the time she devoted for him.  Seeing her suffering from the kind of relationship she has right now makes me sad.  Though I see her smiling, I know deep inside her she is crying.  As a friend I am trying to cheer her up and makes her feel she is important.  Though I was not able to help her 100%, I hope that the pain she has right now will fade and that she can finally move on.  It is not easy I know but I think it is important to think of ourselves sometimes and make ourselves important too.


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