Orange Motif

Every birthday celebration of the nephew, the older sister will have motif even if the celebration is a simple one.  To her, having motif will make the birthday celebration of her son memorable.  It makes the celebrations fun and exciting for the whole family because it makes us so busy looking and preparing for the dress that we will be wearing on the big day of the nephew.  The nephew’s birthday is on December 25.  It is a double celebration so to speak.  We are celebrating the birth of Jesus and my nephew JC.

The nephew will turn five (5) this year.  And his motif for this year is orange.  Very lively color indeed.  The sister already bought their orange costumes and they are so ready for the birthday celebration.  I checked my closet already and sad to say I do not have orange t-shirt because the color is not a cup of my tea.  I think the color is not suited for me, it will only makes me look darker.  But since it is the nephew’s birthday motif, I guess I have to follow and will buy color orange top or t-shirt.  Good luck to me and I hope I will be able to find nice shade of orange that suited to my skin color.  This would be so fun shopping orange stuff.

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