The teacher can’t do it alone

One of the jobs of being a teacher is checking test papers.  It is a never-ending job of a teacher I must say.  I can say this because the sister who is a teacher always find checking the test papers a difficult and frustrating job especially when the students did not follow instructions and did not able to give the right answer/s.  My sister indeed sad after seeing the scores of her students.  She is frustrated because only few passed the tests.  Somehow she blamed herself telling that she is not able to make them understand the lessons well.  But I have to comfort her by saying, she did a good job just that the students are not studying their lessons and maybe the parents did not make any follow-up when their kid/s got home from school.

Teachers are doing their job to teach their students (parents kids).  They put their voice at stake to make the students hear them well to understand the lessons.  However, these lessons will not sink on the kids mind 100% because their mind is playful.  That’s where the part of the parents came in.  Parents should do follow up when their children got home from school.  This is to make sure the kids will not forget the lessons they just have learned from school.  However, some parents are lazy to do that and some will not do that because of the thought that, the teacher can do it.  No the teacher can’t do it alone.  The teacher is in-charge at school, but the parents are in charge at home.  The parents should do their part to help their kids study their lessons at home.

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Strong attachement to their children

When parents are both working, time spent with the kids/family is lesser.  The bonding between parents and children is limited because of the parents busy schedule.  Though there are parents who can manage the time and able to spend quality time to their children.  To the parents who can’t give much time to their children, it is nanny/babysitter who spent time with the kids or the television and the computers.  Spending more time watching television and facing the computer weakens the emotional bonds they have with their parents.  Attitudes are affected by the violence they have seen in the television and in the computers.  About the nanny/babysitter, children become more closer to them than t their parents.  Sometimes when the children wants something they prefer to ask them, not to their parents.  Which is not so good.

The parents started to worry when these occurs, that is why it is best to spend more time with the children no matter how busy they are to have strong attachment with them.  To read with them and play with them even short time is showing to the children they have time with them and always available when they need them.  Parents and children will be more closer doing these things.  The bond of understanding, trust and affection will surely meet by parents and children.  Act now before you feel that your children feels aloof talking to you.

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First complainant for this year

My sister is a teacher and she has taught for 10 years now.  She has met various of issues  like parents doesn’t like the way she teach, her hand-written, parents complaining about the grades of their kid/s, when she carried away and hit the child when the child is noisy, not listening and being bad to her/his classmates, and lots more.  This is the normal scenario of the teacher teaching in public schools.  A teacher handing more than 50 students is not easy.  If you were to picture it out, expect the worse.  Especially today that students/children sometimes does not know the word respect.  Pardon me for saying this but this is true.  I can compare the students before from today.  It is too different.  Some students now are war freak, stubborn, spoiled and bully.  Things that adds the burden to the teacher.  And when the teacher hit the child to give them lesson, parents do complain without look at how is the attitude of their child/kid.

I am sharing this because the sister had her first complainant this year.  The parents don’t like the sitting arrangement.  Her son is sitting at the back and she doesn’t like it.  To her sitting at the back is like telling he is not belong to the class.  Is that right?  Is the parent in the right place to complain?  Oh geezz… Sometimes parents are too difficult to understand.  The issue was settled now and I do hope no more complainant because the sister is pregnant and pregnant sometimes gets angry easily. haha!

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Lack of Discipline

The first school that children had attended is their own home and their first teachers are their parents.  What values that the parents taught to their children is the first teaching they have ever learned.  And in how the parents discipline their kids.  I must say that parents played a big role in molding their children into a better person.  What they have learned in their respective homes will come out when they are already mingling with other kids.

To be in school with other kids for the first time is new to them.  Their learning in their homes will be measured as they are beginning to gain friends and be a friend to others.  I have just noticed that there are kids that are not that friendly.  I could say, a bully kids who love to see other kids cry and pissed off, did not show some respect to older ones and always reason out when they are corrected.

With this kind of behavior, I can say that they lack of discipline.  There are lots of factors to consider why they acted that way.  It can be parents, people around them and friends.  Proper guidance will make them change this kind of behavior and be a better individual.  And only parents can do something about this.


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