Pampering myself for two days

After all the busy days, finally, I found time to relax and pamper myself.  It has been a year since the last time I have my hair done and been two years since the last time I have manicure and pedicure.   I have contacted the one you did my hair for years and have my appointment because I have attended the Christmas party of my nephew at school.  I am glad that she is available and she is coming to the city for lots of appointments.  I like to contact her because she will do home service.  I do not need to go to the salon to have my hair fixed (hair rebonding).  Also, contacted a neighbor for home service manicure and pedicure.  Hassle free and I like it.

It feels really good to have myself pampered for two days.  I feel really beautiful after the pampering session.haha!  It is good to pamper yourself sometimes.  It is a self-reward for the very busy life.  I am all set for the nephews Christmas party at school, high school reunion, ready for the nine mornings masses and ready for Christmas and new year.  Thank you to the sponsor who paid the pampering fees.wink*  Of course, I am emotionally ready for Christmas day and welcoming New Year.

How about you?  When was the last time you had yourself pampered?

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Aching and Swelling Toe

I am not into pampering my toes that much but when my sister-in-law treats me for pedicure I definitely said yes.  Excited but I only have this kind of pampering when there is special occasion.  My excitement was gone after I saw blood on my toe.  The pedicurist pushed it to hard that caused the bleeding in my toe.  This is the main reason why I do not like pedicure because I am afraid of my toes being hurt and have wounds.

The damage is already done because after what happened my toe is now swelling and aching.  I do not have regrets because I do like the look of my toenails, just that I cannot walk properly because it is swelling and I can really feel the pain.  I just hope that this will be gone tomorrow because it really bothers me when I am doing household chores.  Next time, I make sure to tell the pedicurist not to pushed too hard.arghs!

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