Does Profession Matters?

We all have taught by our parents and oldies to be patient.  And even in bible, it is said that when someone throws a stone on you, throw them back a bread.  It is very difficult to do but when we do it for love and for the love of God to us we can.  But sometimes we provoked by those people around us.  No matter how much we wanted them to understand the way they treated it, sometimes we lost our patience and fight back.  We forgot to think straight because of anger.  Later when we are calm regrets are there and even wishing we didn’t do it.
When situation like this, does profession really matter?  Is it bad to fight back when you are a teacher?  Questions in my mind that needs some answers.
This is what a friend of mine is going through now.  As much as she wanted to be friends with her colleagues some are jealous because of this gestures.  They think she is trying to be friendly.  Who knows better than herself?  Indeed, we cannot please everybody because of envy people are mean people that makes her feel she is the bad one.  Patience runs out and she bursted out that made her utter words that she wish she didn’t do.  But damaged is already done as they say.  Regrets are there, though she cannot take back what she said at least this is a lesson learned by her that no matter how bad they are to you, still keep smiling because God is always there and will never leave you.  Sometimes we forgot our profession because we are tease by some circumstances.  It is the trials that she has to take because it is part of life.  Life without trials is nothing because trials are there to help us to be strong and better person.  God bless you!


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What the……..!

Few days ago, I went to the mall to buy important things to bring on the vacation.  I was on the counter area waiting for the cashier to finish punching the amount of the items that I bought.  I am so shocked when the cashier told me the amount of the sunblock that I bought.  Her voice irritates me because she asked as if I cannot afford to buy such.  I am angry and her in a sarcastic way.  I saw her face turns pale when I answered her.  I did not mean to say those words but her approached does irritates me and makes me angry.  I am so discriminated I guess because of the way I look.  I asked myself, what is wrong with my attire?

What the…..! This is what I keep mentioning after paying the items that I bought.  I was shaking and wanted to scold the cashier but was able to control myself.  I felt humiliated in front of the other shoppers who are waiting for their turn.  I know that my answer is not good, but I was just giving her back the thing she give to me.  A dose of her own medicine as they say.  I just hope that it was a lesson she has to learn.  For her to not look down every shopper.  Wearing simple clothes does not mean a person cannot afford to buy expensive one.  Let us not judge the book by its cover because looks is deceiving sometimes.

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Manners and Etiquette

I have been observing ever since about people who are attending meetings, school programs and seminars.   I have observed that people are going here and there, and sometimes keeps on standing.  I do not know if they get bored of the speakers, not interested or just do not care at all about the topic.  I was thinking their times are wasted being there and do not paying attention.  I do not understand some people are spending time there sitting and do not understand what they are listening to.  I admit sometimes I am like that not paying attention but I do not stand up and going out and then comes back when I want.  I always think that because manners and etiquette are important.  I am being taught since I was a child by my parents and in school.   As much as possible I want to put into practice what I have learned.

The most common situation while I am attending a school program is that people are going out every time the emcee is calling the president for closing remarks.  This is the time where manners and etiquette be tested.  Attendees do not care enough to listen and let the speaker speak before going out.  Seems like they do not know that closing remarks are also part of the program.  It is so sad to know that people are insensitive sometimes.

If I were to suggest, there should be manner and etiquette seminars to be conducted for everybody.  It is a bit hard because manners and etiquette are first learned and taught at our own houses and parents are our first teachers.


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Smoke Your Way Out

I have seen people who smoke a lot.  Even though there is warning on the pack of the cigarettes, still they are buying.  Seems like they do not value their life and to those people around them.  I guess they are just insensitive and do not care enough even there are lots of campaign about quitting smoking.   I do not know what satisfaction they can get from smoking.  As I have observe, they do smoke every after mealtime.

Though it is not easy to quit because it becomes their habit, but if they are willing and determined to quit, it is an easy as a snap.  I hope and pray that soon they will realize that smoking is like killing their own selves.  They are putting into danger not only themselves but also their family and those individual who inhaled the smoke they exhaled.  We should value the gift of life from God to us.  We have to smoke our way out to have a healthy life, longer life and free from possible illness caused by smoking.  It is never too late to stop smoking now.   Let us show some love to this life and the life of others.   To those who never tried smoking, do not try to do it.  Let us live a healthy and happy life.

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Too much flooding…

Some countries are suffering from too much rain that causes floods.  Many properties have been destroyed, house are vanished, lives are wasted including kids and farmers have lost their crops because of this.  It is so sad to see people are crying and in need of help because they are back to zero.  Looking at the news and seeing those affected areas makes me feel I am so blessed to not have this kind of tragedy in my family’s life.  It is not easy to see our property that we have worked to achieved especially the house for our family destroyed by floods. 

Who were to blame for too much flooding?  Some says it is the sign of the world to end.  I guess it is not.  This is the result of what we are doing to Mother Earth.  People are cutting trees in the forest for many reason.  A reason that I know is a greedy reason.  Some are doing it because it is their business.  If only they are responsible enough to know that what trees they cut it should be replaced by new one.  Planting trees to replaced the one that they logged.  They only think for their own good not for the good of many.  So sad that because of this greedy people, many have suffered.  I pray that soon this cutting trees will stopped and instead planting more trees for our safety and for the next generations sake.


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