Third grading examination results

The third grading examination for the kids at school was last week.  They were told by their parents to study their lesson to cope up with the low scores and grades last examinations.  However, they did not study their lessons because they were hooked up with games on the computer.  They said that, no need for them to study because they already know the answers.  OMG! There were gifted and so talented to know the answers without seeing the questions. Because they do not want to study, I am not forcing them to do it.  I just told their parents about it so that their parents will make them study their lessons.  But still the kids did not able to study their lessons because when their parents arrive from work, they are sleepy.  Too bad, I just wish that they really know the answers.  I doubt it but I still hope they will do their best to get good scores and grades.

Because the kids did not study their lessons, their third grading examination results are very low.  As expected, their parents did not like it and got angry and blaming the kids but partly it is their fault.  If they develop study habit for their kids they would definitely study their lessons by themselves without being told.  The kids did not do very well this year compared to last year.  I am not saying that they‘ve lost focus and concentrations, just that they give more time in playing than studying.  They have one more examination left to give their best.  I do hope that will do their hardest this time to get good grades.  We are not expecting them to be part of the honor students because their performance is very slow.

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