Kadayawan Festival Sale

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People are looking forward to the Kadayawan Festival event in the city.  Aside from the activities that the city government is preparing for the people to enjoy, everyone is looking forward for the mall wide sale.  To some shoppers, Kadayawan Festival Sale is the perfect day to shop because of the different offers like huge discounts, buy-1, take-1 promo, and many others.  This is the perfect time to shop because you will buy the product at the lesser amount.  The only problem is that for sure the mall and department store is for sure a crowded place to go during this mall wide sale.

My older sister grabbed this perfect time to shop.  She went to the mall and bought some stuff like shorts for her sons, the toy car for the boys and toys for her baby girl, clothes for herself and shoes.   She enjoyed her shopping yesterday because of the great offers.  She wanted to buy more but opted not to because she has other priorities, also she does not want to ruin her budget.  Too bad she did not tell me that she went to the mall, I should have bought some for myself too.  I am happy that she did not tell me though, I might spend the money I have intended for paying my internet bill. Wink*  I guess, I will wait for the perfect time to buy new wrist watch.

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I hope it is still available

I went to the mall to buy the things that I’ll need for my four days’ vacation at the province. After the short shopping, I went to the ladies wear section. It is sort of a routine to me every time I go to the mall. I must say, window shopping is a girl thing. Anyways, I am enjoying the items that are on sale. I so wanted to buy however, I have to hold back because the money that I have on my wallet is enough for the vacation expenses. Plus, I have extra too in case of emergency.

I have plans to buy new shorts for the summer. Also, the shorts that I have on my closet are a bit old. I need new one I must say. My eyes are filled with lots of items on sale; if only I have more extra I will for sure buy the shorts that I saw. I really like the color and the 50% discount.  It is really a great deal and I am sad that I did not able to grab it. Well, I guess it is not meant to be.   I keep on thinking of the shorts that I saw while I am on my way to the province for vacation. I really hope that it is still available when I get back. I am crossing my fingers.

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Mall wide sale, but I’ll passed

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In line with the celebration of the 77th Araw ng Dabaw, malls and department stores are offering great deals, on sale and giving up to 50% discounts on their items.  They are calling it a mall wide sale.  Shoppers, consumers, people are for sure grabbing this offers.  The timing is so perfect because it is payday.  I really want to go when there is mall wide sale because prices of some items are really low and I can get discounts on regular items.  I am planning to go to mall wide sale, however, my pocket is telling me not to.  The money that I am expecting to come did not arrive, so I guess I have to say passed to the mall wide sale.

My brother will give me money tomorrow, but I still will not be going because the money is not enough if I were to bring the kids with me.  Going alone isn’t possible because of the kids.  Instead of going out, I will stay at home, watch live coverage of the parade on the television, and buy some foods for us to enjoy watching.  About the mall wide sale and my plan to buy something for myself, I guess I have to wait for another mall wide sale maybe this May for summer sale.

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