Saturday 9: My Best Friend’s Girl

1. Have you and a friend ever have an argument because you were attracted to the same person?
nope…good things we do not have the same type.
2. Who never returns your phone calls?
the company i was applying for a job.
3. What was your favorite childhood toy?
paper doll
4. Who is the last person you greeted at your door?
my sister
5. Would you change anything about your life right now?
nope. i like who and what i am.
6. Who is the easiest person for you to talk to?
my sister
7. If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose?
Egypt. Amazed by the famous Cleopatra
8. What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed?
wedding of my sister
9. What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child?
no ideal age for me. as long as a person is mature enough to understand her/his responsibility of a parent.

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Saturday 9: I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight

1. Have you ever lost a lover and spent way too much time wondering what they were doing?
–  not so….past is past and wondering makes me hard to move on.
2. What was your favorite vacation ever?
–  at my parent’s province
3. Do you like surprises? If yes, what kinds? Or are you one of those people who absolutely has to know what’s going on before it happens?
–  I like surprises…big or small, I would love and like it.:-)
4. Have you ever written a poem? Feel free to share one. Or even a dirty limerick is OK.
–  I do and I make 8 poems.  sorry can’t share coz it is a secret poems.:-)
5. Did anything interesting show up in your mail lately besides the bills?
–  not yet…I wish one day.
6. How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years? Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now? Family members don’t count.
–  I have 5 friends and counting to the  years till forever. same friends of course…:-)
7. Do you own a pet? If so, do you buy them presents for holidays? Do you consider your pet(s) spoiled? If you don’t own one, do you think you will one day?
–  I do have a pet…I don’t buy him presents, only foods.:-)
8. It’s Friday afternoon and you’re planning your weekend. What’s on your agenda on a hot August night?
–  stay at home and do my laundry
9. What’s your worst nervous habit?
– combing my hair using my fingers.

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Saturday 9 #10: The Best & the Worst

1. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?
– being alive and be with my family is the best ever.
The worst?
– had an argument with my father.sigh!
2. What’s the best thing someone’s done for you (recently or not so recently)?
– my friend Ada, who give me her comfort and support.
What’s the worst thing someone’s done to you (again, recently or not so recently)?
– breaks my heart into tiny pieces.
3. What’s the best thing about your job?
– i am my own boss…i can work anytime and if i want to.wink!
– no net connection…arghs!
4. What’s the best new website you’ve found?
– mmmmmmmm
– not so friendly sites
5. What’s the best book you’ve read?
– I Love You book
6. What’s the best movie you’ve seen?
– Beautiful Llife
– Horror movies( I do not like horror movies that’s why)
7. What’s the best meal you’ve had?
– all meals I had is best because it is a blessings from God.
– mmmmmmm….tried to eat duck….i don’t like it
8. What’s the best holiday?
– Christmas day, where the whole celebrates.
– no idea
9. What’s the best thing in your future?
– i prayed to have a family of my own and happily married with the man that God is given to me
– worst would be to end up with broken family.:-(


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Saturday 9 #9: Looking for Love

1. When you were single, or if you are single, what’s the best way to look for love?
–  the best way to look for love is through prayers.  pray to God to give me the best man who will give me the love and value the love.
2. Have you ever cruised online personals, even if you’re married for fun? What was the reason, or if you haven’t, why not?
–  mmmmmmmmm
3. Have you ever put up an online personal? If so, how was your experience?
–  not so good experience
4. Have you ever answered an online personal? If so, how did it turn out?
–   turn out to be a nightmare
5. Have you ever had a good experience with online dating? If not, have you had a friend/family member have a good experience? Tell us about it!
–  i got bad experience.  I have a friend who is now happily married and I am happy for them.
6. Have you ever had a horrible experience with online dating? If not, someone else?
–  yes.
7. Back in 2004, a friend threw her husband out because she found out that he was having cyber affairs/sex with 2 women in states FAR away from them. Do you think that cybersex is actually cheating?
–  any form of sexual communication is cheating.
8. Do you have any suggestions for someone as to how to stay safe using a dating service?
–  i think i would suggest to be careful and cautious.
9. I’ve heard someone say, “There’s and then there’s everyone else.” Is this true in your experience or someone you know?

– haven’t been in that site yet.

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Saturday 9 #8: Rain

1. It’s Spring, grilling begins! If you plan a picnic, do you bow out if it rains?
– maybe, depends on how heavy is the rain. changing of venue will be the best option.
2. Do you prefer food grilled on a charcoal or gas grill?
– charcoal
3. We’re at the first grilling picnic. What’s your meat order?
– grilled pork
4. What side dishes do you want?
– veggies
5. Now, where do prefer to eat: at the picnic table or inside?
– picnic table
6. You were asked to bring a dish. What do you bring?
– mmmmmm….’kinilaw’ ( raw tuna mixed with vinegar, onion, ginger, radish and cucumber) to tone down the fats.yummy!
7. Does it bother you to have citronella candles burning if you are eating or cooking outside?
– not at all
8. What fellow bloggers do you want to meet at the picnic?
– many to mention.wink!
9. Does there need to be a pool at the picnic, your choice?
– i prefer beach where there are sands, water, waves, and nice air.

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