Back to school sale

Because it is back to school, the mall and department stores are having a back to school sale.  It is four days back to school sale, it is a perfect timing to buy all the school requirements of your kids and their school uniforms.  An opportunity like this should not be missed because this is the time to shop at the very low price and almost all items are on sale.  You can save some when malls and department stores are on sale because of the huge discounts.  List down the things you’re going to buy and go to the nearest malls or department store to grab this opportunity.

My sister already enrolled her two sons at school and have a copy of the kids’ requirements at school.  It is perfect because the back to school sale starts tomorrow at the mall near us.  The sister will grab this great offer and will shop this Sunday.  The sister is glad that the teacher already gave the requirements of my nephew, she can grab the four days back to school sale at the mall.  I will be accompanying the sister this Sunday as usual and will do window shopping for myself, and if I like something, I might end up buying again.  Argsh! It is not easy being an impulsive buyer.

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Buying with kids is no fun

Back when they were little, I like bringing them to the mall to have fun.  I just leave them at the play house to enjoy while I am buying groceries and other stuffs.  But now that they grow, I do not like to go out with them.  I do not think it is still fun to bring them with me because bringing them with me means more expenses to incurred.  They like to buy everything they saw at the mall especially foods.  When I do not buy what they like, I will be expecting a crying environment.  And the worse is that, they do care who sees them. Arghs!

Few days ago, I accompany them to the mall to buy their school requirements.  Their parents are both working, so I do not have any choice but to accompany them.  At first it was fun seeing them picking their requirements especially notebook because they get excited of the covers.  After we are done buying the school requirements, the war started.  The three of them are pointing the foods they like, the toys they want, and etc.  I feel like my head is going to explode listening to them.  Because we do not have budgets for those wants, I stick to my “NO” answer.  I am used to their cries so it doesn’t affect at that much.haha!

The next time, I swear to not bring them with me because it is no fun to have them with me when I am buying.  whew!

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Early shopping of school requirements

My four year old nephew is now enrolled in kindergarten 1.  The school gave the school requirements too.  Although he did not understand it well, the nephew is very excited after seeing the school where he will be studying.  The sister went to three different schools and decided to enroll her son in the less  crowded classroom, with at least 30 students in the classroom.  My sister is a teacher and she knows crowded classroom is not good.  She is glad that among the three school she visited, one school handles 30 students in every classroom.  She enrolled her son right away.

In three weeks, it is enrollment time.  The sister will be very and she will have no time to buy the school requirements of her son.  She already bought the requirements of her son.  I go with her as usual.  We bought new shoes, bag, lunch box and the school requirements.  Buying early is a good idea to avoid the crowd.  People likes to buy on a last minute shopping.  We used to do that and I must say it is tiring.  Long line in the cashier and supply is lacking.  The sister wants to avoid those scenario, so she opted to buy early.  Her next stop would be the school uniform of her son and she is done.

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School requirements are done

All of the malls and department store last Sunday was so busy. It is because shoppers/consumers are buying the school uniforms and school requirements for their kids/students. We are one of those shoppers. Yes, I went to the mall with my sister and her family last Sunday. She was buying the things for her three year old son who is now a student. The nephew was enrolled in the project hope in our village. The sister wants her son to go to school, learn at school and be with other kids to prepare him for kindergarten. We are a bit worried of what would be his performance/attitude at school because he is still very young; however, we can see in him that he likes it. Maybe because of his cousins.

Anyways, the life at the malls last Sunday isn’t good. The school supplies area is the busiest. I can say that the people are like panic buying because the classes start the following day. The displays are disordered. It will take time to find the supplies we are looking for. But it is still fun. I remember the days when I am buying stuffs for myself because my mother is not around to do it for us.   The lines at the cashiers are very long. It will take time and patience. We are glad that we are done buying the school requirements for the nephews and nieces. They are ready for school.

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Buying thier school requirements

After church the kids are so ready to go to the mall to buy their school requirements.   Two days ago, they are sad because they are not ready to go back to school yet and now they are excited.  It is really true that when the kids see new things for them, they are so excited.  They are smiling carrying their new bags, putting their new notebooks, pen, pencil, crayons and other school requirements.  They are so ready to go back to school now.  Go back to sleep and wake up early.  Their shoes and school uniforms are also ready.  This is it for the girls I must say.

Once again, I reminded them the rules that I am going to implement starting tomorrow.  They seem not like it, but they do not have any choice because I am the law. Haha!  Well, I am doing it for them of course.  I want them to spend more time studying on weekdays more.  They can still play but only on weekends.  Besides they have played enough for the last two months.  It is time to study and learning new lessons at school.  The house would be a bit quiet now because the girls will be at school.

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