Back to school

It’s June and it is back to school.  Two months’ vacation for the kids is over.  Oh yeah!   Even though they are not yet ready to go back to school yet because they love to play more, they do not have any choice.  Their bags and school requirements are ready.  Some kids are excited to go back to school, but the girls at home are not.  Yes, they are sad because going back to school means less play and study more for them.  I have stated new rules this school year because I do want them to focus on studies for them to get good grades and hopefully be part of the honor students.

The girls are in the first section.  Meaning, they are part of the class where fast learners and achiever students are there.  They have to study hard to excel and be on top.  They can still play though, but only when they are done doing their assignments and done studying their lessons.  Although they are doing excellent job last school year, however, to me it is not enough.  They should focus more to get good grades and be one of the achievers.  So girls, good luck and study your lessons.

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The girls made it

Two months ago when the nieces took an examination at school to qualify to be in the first section.  We want them to be in the first section because it is challenging and the competition between students is very tight.  The younger niece did not able to make it last school year.  I hope she will make it this year last like her older sister.  We have been waiting for the results for two months now.   The good news was burst out by my sister when she told us that the girls did make it to be in the first section. Woohoo!

It was indeed good news to the family especially to their parents that they passed the examination to qualify to be in first section.  Because of this good news, new rules have been implemented for the kids.  One is the, less play more study especially on school days.  Not like last school year, I’ll be stricter now when it comes to studying their lessons.  They are not allowed to stay outside unless they are not done doing their school assignments and studying their lessons.  Getting higher grades and be an honor students is number one goal this year.  The girls did make it two years in a row, and I wish they still have it this year.  Congratulations girls!

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Showing her weekly test results

The niece does not share her quizzes and weekly test results whether she gets high or low score.  It is not her cup of tea.  She is more of a silent type compared to her older sister.  Because of she is shy; we seldom see her achievements at school each day.  She preferred to keep it to her than to show to us.  She only show to us her scores/results in test and quizzes when she is asked.  Although we know that she is doing great in her class, we still want her to show to us for her to develop self-confidence and to overcome the shyness attitude.  Being shy does not help her in enhancing self-confidence.   We want her to come out from the shell.  We know that she is still young, however, it is best to show it while she is young so that when she grows older, the feeling of being so shy will be gone.  And she can easily communicate to others without the feeling of being shy.

I guess, our wish was heard because for the first time the niece showed to us her weekly test results.  She is smiling handing the test papers to her father.  Looking at her smiling, I know that she got good score.  I was right!  She does not have perfect score but having less than five mistakes is a great achievement.  Congratulations niece.  You did well.  I hope to see a perfect score next time.

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Niece’s art project

I have two nieces who does very well at school.  Among the two, it is the younger one (Ella)who is seldom share to us her achievements everyday.  I can tell she is a shy type.  Far different from her older sister who always shares to us her tests results, projects, quizzes and other school activities.  Her older sister does challenge her by showing to us that she doing good at her class.  Well, the older one (Ronna) does competes to her sister.  Funny is that, her sister does bot take her challenge seriously.  Ella has different way of making us proud.  She is taking it lightly and enjoying her studies.  No pressure, so to speak.

One afternoon after they arrived from school, Ella went to our room.  I  thought she is sleeping.  But when I entered the room, I saw these two art projects posted on the wall.  She is showing to us her project.  It is nicely and neatly done.  With the very good remarks, I can say that she is proud of her work.  Ella is less shy I can tell.  Keep up the good works Ella, you really makes us all proud.  Be good always because you’re becoming a stubborn little girl.  haha!

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First Grading Results

What parents wants and dreams for their kids is to get good grades at school.  This is what my brother is wishing and hoping for his kids.  Though he is not a hands on father when it comes to helping his daughters in doing the assignments of his kids still he is there to give support, love and encouragements.  Not that the brother does not know how to help his kids, just that he is not confident enough on his ability.  This is important to do as a parent.  The kids will do good and strive harder at school especially if they are supported by their parents and always checking the kids notes and performance at school.

Anyhow, after patiently waiting for the first grading result finally it comes out. whew!  The brother is excited to see that grades of his daughters at school.  He is excited to know if his daughters are doing well and does have good grades.  Tomorrow will be the releasing of first grading results and I hope that the kids are doing really well.  I am excited to see their grades too.  I have seen the kids studying their lessons and doing their best even if they do not have study habit.  I am like them back when I was at their age, I do not like to study but in fairness to me I did well at school and have good grades.   And that included copying of assignment and exams.  haha!

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