Big NO to see through clothes

In the fashion world today, see through dresses/tops are so in.  I have seen some friends and people wearing it.  It is nice and I like it.  One time I almost bought one but opted not to because I am sure my won’t like it.  Yes, my father is a kind of person that will not allow me to wear a bit revealing clothes.  To him it is not presentable.  To him, these kinds of clothes are provoking.  He once said that, wearing these kinds of clothes is like tempting guys/bad guys to harass or rape them.  My father went a bit overboard, but thinking about it, I guess my father has a point.

In the thrifty store near the school of my nephew, there is one top that I so like.  I always see it every time I am fetching the nephew from school.  I really like it but refrain myself from buying it because I am scared my father will go wild.  I have told my sister about it too and she did not like it.  Gosh, my family is born  I am not complaining though just saying.  But I am proud of my family.  Honestly, I give time-frame and if the top is still there when the time is up, i will for sure buy it for it only means one thing, it is meant for me.haha!

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