Preparing for the fiesta celebration

In two weeks, our village will celebrate fiesta celebration.  And we usually have a feast to share with our invited guests, relatives, friends, neighbors and unexpected visitors.  We have been doing this for years and I am doing the preparation for years too.  The only difference is that I do not have my sister with me to help me with all the preparation.  I must say it is tiring especially on the day of the celebration because I do the cooking, cleaning the kitchen area, washing the dishes and a lot more.  Hopefully, I will get a help from my two nieces who are not 12 and 14 years old.  I really hope so.

Anyways, went to the department store last Monday to buy some things needed in the kitchen.  I bought new table cloth, new towels, and rugs.  I opted not to buy new curtain this time because of the limited budget.  I will buy new curtain next time.  I have several on my list to buy, just that I have limited resources.  I must wait for the sponsor so I can proceed to buy the needed for the fiesta.  I have also listed the menu to prepare for the celebration, the desserts, and fruits to put on the table.  I have less than two weeks to finish it, I do hope I have the power to finish it all before our fiesta celebration on September 9, 2017.

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My Christmas List

As we all know Christmas is fast approaching.  It is time for us to do our Christmas list.  I have been doing this for the past three years and it is fun.  I find it funny and exciting doing Christmas list even if I am not sure if I am going to do it or buy it.  We do have lots of things that we want to buy and give during holidays but it all depends on our resources.  But even if resources are limited still we make a list just to give us an idea what is really important and our priorities.  That makes the listing fun and exciting especially after I saw how long is my list.haha!

Speaking of Christmas list, I am starting to do my list.  I have lots in my mind as usual just like last year.  I took my old list and check of the item/s there that I was not able to do and include it to my new list.  I have few that I did not able to make it happen and hopefully to do it this year.   First thing first so I won’t be confused of which I am going to do first.  It would be very difficult especially that money is very tight.  It is not good to spend more.  My list is not final yet, I am going to sort out things.  I am crossing my fingers.

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Digging at old maternity clothes

My sister is two months pregnant.  Her baby bumps is showing at two months.  She can’t wear pants and t-shirts anymore.  She thought of buying new maternity dress but I told her to just used the old maternity clothes she has so she can save money for her due.  It has been three years since she wore those maternity clothes and we have to dig on those clothes in the boxes.  We do not know yet if it looks good and can be use in her workplace.  The style may not as modern compared today but surely it will still look good on her.

Next week is our schedule of digging the old maternity clothes because the sister is still busy with her paper works at school.  She has no time yet to go through the boxes and dig the old clothes.  Meanwhile, she is borrowing some of my leggings and tops every time she go out.  Good thing I am plus size because she can wear my clothes.haha!  Hopefully the old maternity clothes still in good condition and the color is not fade so we do not have to shop for new maternity clothes. If not then we will go shopping and it would surely so tiring knowing how picky my sister is.  Good luck to me!

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Excited to buy the birthday present for myself

Because I am out of budget last month, I did not able to buy something for myself as a gift.  I did promise to give myself a birthday present even if it is too late.  I thought of buying the pants that I saw when I went to the mall with my sister.  It was on sale at the time I saw it and I hope that it is still on sale and available.  I am not expecting that it is still though because it has been two week since I saw it.  If it is not available then I will look for other pants.  However, I am still hoping that it is still available as well as the size for me.

My kind friend gave me a birthday gift.  She told me to buy something for myself.  The timing is so perfect since I wanted to buy myself a late birthday present.  I am so happy and surprised.  I am planning to buy a pants and t-shirt from the money she gave to me.  Nyay! I will go to the mall this weekend for sure and do a little shopping.  Also, will go to my favorite fast food chain and eat my favorite value meal.  Thanks to the generous sponsor.

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