Surrendering the credit card

My sister does have three (3) credit cards.  How did it happen?? She does not know.  It was just delivered on here doorstep. Well, she applied two credits cards and it’s approved.  The third card just arrived.  She went to the bank and said it was a mistake.  Having three cards comes with big responsibilities that is why the sister surrendered the third cards since she did not applied for it.  But the agent told her to avail it for it has no annual free because first year is for free.  If she likes it after a year of using it, then that’s the time to pay for the annual fee.

The sister grabbed the one year free of charge.  After a year of using it, he decided to surrender the credit card even though she likes it because three credits cards will tempt her to shop more and might end up in huge debt.  She doesn’t want to be like others who are in huge debt because of credit card.  The sister did the right thing.  She thinks of what would happen if she has three credit cards.  Having multiple credits cards is not bad at all as long as you know your limitations, responsibilities and aware of the disadvantages.  Credit card can save you if you have an emergency and you do not have money, but do not spend beyond your means.  Do not use it if it is not necessary.  Saving it for the rainy days.

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Excited to buy things for the baby

In two months my sister will give birth to her third child.  And it is a girl.  We are so excited to see the little princess in the family.  I missed carrying a baby in my arms and missed having baby at home.  Well, I just so love kids very much.  I was there during the gender ultrasound and I am so happy when the doctor told us that it is a baby girl.  It is an answered prayers because the sister has been praying to have a baby girl.  Their family is now complete, with boys and girl in the family.  I am so happy and excited for my sister.

Next month the sister will start buying stuffs for her little girl.  I am so excited because I have been longing to buy little dresses for baby girl.  Dressing up a little girl is like dressing up a doll.  The sister is already listed the stuffs she is going to buy and as always I will be going with her.  Yay, I am so excited.  More pink stuffs is coming up.  Hopefully the sister will finished listing the stuffs for her baby girl so we can start buying soon.  I am to the mall the other day and went to infant section, lots of beautiful stuffs there and it is on sale.  Perfect to shop when items are on sale.

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Feeling like a fashion consultant

The sister and I planned to shop new pregnant dresses for her because she doesn’t want to wear some of the old pregnant dresses that she has few weeks ago.  But was not able to because I went for a short visit at the province of my parents.  I came back after nine days but so busy arranging stuffs at home, so the sister waited till my free time.  I did promise her though that we will go shopping for her pregnant dresses before classes starts.  Finally, last week the planned shopping was push through.

It  was one tiring day for me because the sister wants to buy clothes that even if she is no longer pregnant she can still wear it.  How is that?  It was a tough job for a feeling like a fashion consultant for me.haha!  This is not new to us though because back then every time we buy clothes for ourselves, we are the fashion consultants.  I decides for her choice and vice versa.  Anyways, it took us four hours to buy three dresses for her.  Aside from she is so picky, it is really difficult to look for e pregnant dresses that she can wear even if she already give birth.  I am glad that the sister likes my choice of clothes for her.  Indeed, I am still the best fashion consultant for her.*whew*  Till next shopping session my dear sister!

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Free stuffs from my sister

My sister went to the supermarket last weekend for her monthly grocery.  Also, she will be meeting a friend who will be paying her for the owed money.  I am suppose to go with her but she decided to go online so she can go home early.  Because if I have to go with her, it means we will be bringing the kids with us.  It will be tiring and more time to consume because of the kids.  I am glad too that she decided to go alone for I suddenly felt lazy after get up from the bed.  Well, Saturday usually is lazy day for me.haha!  So, my three months pregnant sister go to supermarket alone.

After two hours, the sister is back from the supermarket with three heavy bags.  She bought our favorite snack pizza pie, and also bought junk foods to eat while watching cartoons with the kids.  The sister is busy unpacking the grocery items when she called me.  I am surprised because the sister bought something for me (personal stuffs).  Surely the sister is the sweetest.  I am so blessed to have a sister like her.  Well, she became my mom after our mother passed away.  Thank you sister for the free stuffs you gave.  Made me realized, it is best if I am going with her because I get a surprised stuffs.*wink God bless you always!

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Digging at old maternity clothes

My sister is two months pregnant.  Her baby bumps is showing at two months.  She can’t wear pants and t-shirts anymore.  She thought of buying new maternity dress but I told her to just used the old maternity clothes she has so she can save money for her due.  It has been three years since she wore those maternity clothes and we have to dig on those clothes in the boxes.  We do not know yet if it looks good and can be use in her workplace.  The style may not as modern compared today but surely it will still look good on her.

Next week is our schedule of digging the old maternity clothes because the sister is still busy with her paper works at school.  She has no time yet to go through the boxes and dig the old clothes.  Meanwhile, she is borrowing some of my leggings and tops every time she go out.  Good thing I am plus size because she can wear my clothes.haha!  Hopefully the old maternity clothes still in good condition and the color is not fade so we do not have to shop for new maternity clothes. If not then we will go shopping and it would surely so tiring knowing how picky my sister is.  Good luck to me!

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