I hope to buy the sling bag that I saw

One of my addiction is sling bags.  I feel more comfortable with it than ladies bag.  To me, sling bags is for all occasion.  You can bring it at any event that you ill be going.  It is perfect bag especially when you are going out and have to bring feeding bottles.  I have three sling bag and one ladies bag that was given by my sister.  I only used it once during the graduation day of my niece.  I am force to bring it because it matches to my dress.haha!  In fact, I thought of giving the ladies bag to my sister-in-law many times, but did not do it for I might hurt my sister if I do so.

A week ago, while riding in a public vehicle I saw a lady carrying a very nice sling bag.  The style, size, color and design is really nice.  I am tempt to ask the lady of where did she buy it but I am shy.  When I reached home, I search it online and saw a page that is selling this kind of bags online.  However,  I am scared to order because of the bad experiences I have encounter in online shopping.  I will try to look for it at the malls and department stores.  Hopefully, I can find one because I do not want to take another risk in online shopping.

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Love my new sling bag

 photo 867ffe19-9c15-4211-b7d5-7c977e3e2d17_zpsc5yddiwr.jpg

One of my weakness is sling bag.  I really love this kind of bags.  To me it is more comfortable to wear.  I have six sling bags and gave the two to my cousins.  I do not have that much of sling bag because I am not collecting it.  I am just liking this kind of bag and when I saw one that I really like, I definitely buy it no matter what.  I am being an impulse buyer when it comes to sling bags which my sister does not like because if I do not have money I borrow from her.  Even if she will tell me I will not really need it, still I buy it.

Anyways, the last time we went to mall I saw sling bags on sale.  I asked her to stop for awhile because I saw one sling bag that catches my attention.  I do not have plans to buy at first but when I saw that it is on sale, I told the sister that we should buy.  As usual she said no, I persuade her and showed to her the pretty sling bag I saw.  I am glad that she likes it also.  That day we bought two sling bags.  Mine is the one I share above and my sister’s is color brown.  I love my new sling bag.

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My blue sling bag

 photo e0ee8a73-37e9-4d6f-830d-81cccff2dbc0_zpsed6394f1.jpgAfter I gave my old sling bag to my cousin, adding item will be added in my Christmas list.  I am glad that I gave my old sling bag because it means I will be having new sling bag.  I have been wanted to buy new bag for myself, but did not able to do it because I still have a sling bag that I can use every time I go out.  Buying new bag when I still have a bag that I can use is not sensible I guess.  So, when the cousin asked for it, I give it right away without second thought.

Anyways, two weeks ago, I went to mall with my brother and his family.  While they are looking for things to buy for their kids, I went to bag section and looking for sling bag.  My plan is to just do window shopping since I do not have extra to buy a bag.  However, when I saw the pretty blue sling bag on display I fell in love with it.  I cannot wait for Christmas to have it.  I am afraid it will be out of stock by then because it is on sale.  The price is almost half the original price.  I thought it would be best to buy it at that time because it is on sale.  I asked the brother if he could lend me money so I can buy the blue sling bag.  Because the brother has extra, I went home with new sling bag.  See the image of my blue sling bag.

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