Might go for long sleeve swimwear this time

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Next month, the family will be having our summer gate away/bonding.  We are doing this regularly during summer.  The kids are now counting the days of our summer bonding.  Though we haven’t search for the nice beach yet.  The one I am suggesting is not good to them so I am letting the SIL look for the nice beach.  We are still waiting for the SIL to tell us where to go to.  It is not easy to look for the nice beach if you have to consider first the budget.  When it comes to budget, it takes lots of time to finally decide.

Meanwhile, we are busy planning on what will be the foods to bring and our outfit and swimwear.  Yes, we are giving more time to think of the best outfit to protect our skin.  Last year, we are wearing two-piece swimsuit and I must tell you it really burnt my skin.  Even if we applied sunblock lotion, sun burn is painful.  I am thinking of wearing long sleeve type of swimwear since it is in nowadays.  It surely protect the skin from the raging race of the sun.  I told the sister already and she likes the idea.  Where to buy?  I don’t know yet, we might go to the thrifty store.

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Ended the summer with smiles and good memories

Today is the last day of summer.  The country will soon enters the rainy season of June.  Before the month of June sets in, I would like to share it here my summer that was ended with smiles and good memories.  I can tell that I have the best summer ever.  Though my previous summer was a memorable one for me, I just thought that this year was the best of all.  Why?  Because the family did have the summer vacation away from the city where we live.  We went to the province of the parents that celebrated the summer there with a bang.

For the first time, the family did visit the tourist spots that Bohol has.  It is a dream come true because we have dreamed to see the spots at Bohol, Philippines.   We did see the Tarsier ( the smallest primate), the chocolate hills, the Hinagdanan Cave, Phyton, the oldest Church and many more.  Wonderful and memorable, right?  I thank God for the blessings for without His blessings that family vacation will not be realized.  And also, I thank God for the safe trip we had.  We got home safely.  It is worth the vacation even if I got sick.

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Girls Talk: Favorite Summer Activity

As continuation for the summer topic, allow me to share to all of you my Favorite Summer Activity.  Below is the picture that the family loves to do.


The family and friends.


My two niece in the water.

The family loves to go to the beach during summer season.  Seeing the sands, water, waves and wind is nice experience.  Be with nature to meditate like going to beach is my favorite summer activity ever.

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Girls Talk: Fave Summer Outfit

Fun, fun, fun under the sun this summer season everyone!  Girls Talk will never allow this season to just passed by without sharing a topic about our favorite summer outfit.  Count me in because I have something to share for this week’s topic Fave Summer Outfit.  Here is my share:


I want to introduce myself wearing my all time favorite summer outfit.  Bought this one in a goodwill (ukay-ukay) store.  Well, I consider myself an ukay-ukay queen.  Bought this very cheap that makes this outfit my favorite.  This is a recent picture of me when my family and I went to the beach last Easter Sunday.  Just do not look at the model, focus your eyes to what I am wearing which is my favorite.:-)

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Girls Talk: Bonding at the Park

Bye bye April and hello May.  Another month and a brand new topic to discuss to all girls talker.  And this is my first entry for this summer month topic:


My family used to stay at home every Sunday. It is our family day and we seldom go out because we do the bonding inside the house. We were Eating, singing, and sometimes watching movies. That is how simple my family is during our family day bonding. One fine summer day, my sister suggested that we will go to park for a change. It is a brand new place for our family to do the bonding. The kids love it and enjoy their playing and running around at the park. The picture above is my nieces and nephew enjoying the wide space at the park. The best summer bonding we have. It was fun indeed and we we’re looking for another bonding at the park this summer.:-)

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