Goodbye Long Hair

It’s been quite some time that my hair is long.  I like long hair because I can do whatever I want for my hair.  Like tied it the way I want it and let it loose sometimes.  I must say it is very difficult to maintain long hair because I have to go to the parlor for treatment.  I can only afford to go to the parlor once in a while because it is a bit expensive.

I am able to manage long hair and still can go to the parlor until today.  I have decided today to cut my hair because I cannot bare the heat and the sweat.  I admit that having short hair lessen the heat.  So sorry my hair I have to bid goodbye to you after four years of taking good care of you.  I am sad but I was thinking it is better to cut my hair for new look and fresh feeling this summer.  Sometimes we have to give up something to make us feel better.  It took me many times of thinking before I have decided to have my hair be cut.  I am happy seeing my new hair now and I love it!  I am looking forward though to see my hair grow back.

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