Ruined my budget but I am happy

Last week I went to the doctor with my father for his monthly check up.  As usual, we came early because my father do not want to be late or be stuck in the traffic.  He always have an hour of allowance to make sure he came on time.  And because we have not encounter any traffic, we came very early at the doctor’s clinic.  We arrived at 1 0’clock in the afternoon and the doctor’s clinic is at 2 0’clock in the afternoon.  How is that?  If there is an award for an early bird am sure the father will bag the award.LOL!

It was 3 0’clock in the afternoon and the doctor has not arrive yet.  I asked the secretary of what time the doctor will arrived, and she answered me that the doctor will arrived at 4 0’clock.  He has to finished something urgently so he will come late.  To make the long story short, I got so bored waiting for the doctor.  I told my father that I will be going to the thrifty store for awhile.  It is near the hospital so my father just say yes.  It was not in my plan to spend money that day but because I get bored I end up buying dress at thrifty store.  It is not dress by the way, but dresses.  Yes, I bought two dresses that day at the thrifty store.  I do not have any regrets though because I like what I bought.  Just that it ruined my budget but I am happy.  That is the most important thing.haha!

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Went home empty handed

Two days ago, the sister and I agreed to go to thrifty store to buy swimwear for the kids, her husband, her swimwear, and mine.  We decided to go to thrifty store, for us to save some.  We have this certain store that gives us discount if we buy more than two items.  We were excited to go there and already have in mind what should we buy first, whose swimwear and what style.  We need to be in a hurry because in two weeks time, we will have our summer gate away.  We have lots of things to do so before the family bonding at the beach.

We were picking items on display when the sister told me that she needs to go to the atm machine to withdraw money.  So, we go out and told the attended that we will be back.  When we arrived at the bank’s atm machine, the sister is looking for her atm card inside her wallet.  Only to find out that she left her atm card at home.  She has two wallets, and the atm card is inside the wallet which she left at home.  How bad luck is that?  How can we shop if we do not have money?  The money I have in my wallet is just enough for our fare.  Sigh, sigh, sigh.  There is nothing we can do but to go home empty handed.  We did not bother to go back to the store because of what had happened.  I do hope that the sister learned a lesson and will put her atm card in her first wallet.arghs!

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Big NO to see through clothes

In the fashion world today, see through dresses/tops are so in.  I have seen some friends and people wearing it.  It is nice and I like it.  One time I almost bought one but opted not to because I am sure my won’t like it.  Yes, my father is a kind of person that will not allow me to wear a bit revealing clothes.  To him it is not presentable.  To him, these kinds of clothes are provoking.  He once said that, wearing these kinds of clothes is like tempting guys/bad guys to harass or rape them.  My father went a bit overboard, but thinking about it, I guess my father has a point.

In the thrifty store near the school of my nephew, there is one top that I so like.  I always see it every time I am fetching the nephew from school.  I really like it but refrain myself from buying it because I am scared my father will go wild.  I have told my sister about it too and she did not like it.  Gosh, my family is born  I am not complaining though just saying.  But I am proud of my family.  Honestly, I give time-frame and if the top is still there when the time is up, i will for sure buy it for it only means one thing, it is meant for me.haha!

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My rubber shoes

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Every time I look at our shoe rack, it reminds me to buy rubber shoes. I do not have rubber shoes for like 10 years I must say because I prefer sandals, wedge shoes and slippers. Since I am not comfortable wearing shoes that much. When the sister told me that we have to do walking and jogging exercise for good blood circulation, I have thought of buying rubber shoes for myself. But I have to wait for summer season where the sister has more time since no class during summer. My sister is a teacher, so summer is the perfect time for her to exercise.

However, when I went to the city where my older brother works, we stopped by at the thrifty store because he wants to buy new rubber shoes. Just like me, he likes to buy at the thrifty store because it is cheaper to buy branded one. While he is picking rubber shoes, I am looking for rubber shoes as well. I am fitting the rubber shoes that I picked when the brother told me if I like it. Of course I said yes since I need rubber shoes for the zumba session with my friends in our village. The brother bought the rubber shoes that I fitted that day. I am so happy and thank my brother many times. Thanks God for giving me generous brothers and sister.

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