Shopping with the boys

At the province when I went on vacation with the nephews, we went to the mall there to shop some clothes for them.  It is my first time to shop with them.  I usually go shopping with the nieces.  This time I am with the boys ages, 5 and 6 years old.  It was fun because I let them pick the clothes that they want.  I let them pick to see if they know how and to see what they like.  I enjoyed watching them picking what they like especially when they are picking of the color of the clothes.  At their age they already know what they like.  The two boys does not have the same taste opposite to my two nieces.

I did not have hard time shopping because I let the boys pick what they likes.  We bought four tops and four shorts for them.  The color that they pick is also nice.  The 6 years old picked color yellow and red tops and blue shorts.  The five years old picked light blue tops and blue shorts.  I loved the colors that they picked.  If given the chance again, I would love to go shopping with these two little boys than with the girls.  I spend less time roaming around and picking what they like compared to girls.  Hands up to the little boys.  Good job!  Till next shopping, eh?

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