Picking dress for my sister-in-law

Last Sunday I am visiting my older bother in the city where he works and stay.  It was an hour and half travel from the city where I live.  The visit was not plan because I am afraid to travel for now because of the bomb threat but I have to go because I have something to give to him.  Also, have to get the corn grains that my father is asking.  I traveled with my two nieces because I do not want to travel alone.  It was 4 0’clock in the afternoon when we arrived.  My brother did not expecting us.  Since we arrived very late, I told the brother that we will stay and will have dinner at their house.

My sister-in-law brought us at the mall because she is planing to buy dress for she will be attending a baptismal.  She asked my help to pick a dress for her.  I smiled because I like that she asked me to pick a dress for her.  I am not worried because I used to pick dress for my older sister and nieces.  It was not a hard time for me because the SIL is not so picky not like my older sister. LOL  In less than 30 minutes buying dress for her s done.  No sweat I must say.  I like that she likes the dress that we picked for her.  She is now ready for the baptismal event.  Also, she bought dress for the nieces.  Thanks for the treat and the dinner.

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Early Christmas Gift for Myself

Yesterday, I went to the mall to check on the money that a friend of mine transferred to my bank account.  I waited for the money to be in my account since Friday.  My Friday was not so fruitful because the money is not yet there.  I am glad that when I checked yesterday, it is in my account already.  I withdraw the money and send it right away to my friend.  I brought my nephews and nieces with me since I planned to treat them at their favorite fast food chain.  The treat is my early Christmas gift for them.  I treat them early because I do not know if I still have the money on Christmas day.haha!

We have our lunch at their favorite fast food chain.  It is really nice to see someone you love smiling and thankful of your simple gestures.  Well, my nephews and nieces are my treasures.  They gives so much joy to me even if they are so very hard headed and brat sometimes.LOL  After our lunch we went upstairs because I planned to buy myself a present too.  Because my watch stops working I thought of buying myself a new watch.  Buying thing/s for myself feels really nice.  Besides I deserves a reward for tiring chores at home.wink*

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Thanks for the gift certificate

Last month, the sister got five gift certificates in the certain fast foods.  She planned to treat the kids there because it is the kids’ favorite place.  I guess you know what fast food I am talking about.  The plan was not able to push through because the sister celebrated their Christmas in the province of her husband, and the older brother and I, have to travel to Bohol.  I must say that December 2013 was a busy month for the family.  The sister and her family came back home on the 27th of December.  Still did not able to treat the kids because I was not home yet.

The Christmas treat for the kids made possible last Sunday.  Because it was a rainy day, we decided not bring the kids with us.  We just told the kids that we will be buying their favorites at the certain fast foods.  After buying the things the sister needs for her son’s first birthday, we dine together in the certain fast foods and buying the kids favorites using the gift certificates.  It was a cold but sumptuous Sunday for the kids.  Thanks Jollibee for the gift certificates.  Indeed, gift certificate is awesome.  Hope to receive the same next Christmas.*wink

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Treating my Sister

I have been blogging for almost two years now and yet did not able to treat my sister.  It is because she always treats me every time we go out.  She has lots of money compared to me because she has a good job.  I am earning doing blogging but not I am always out of money when different house bills comes.  But I am still hoping that one day I will treat my sister as way of saying thank you for supporting and helping me in my blogging stuffs.

Last month I have money left in my pocket and the first thing that comes in my mind is to treat my sister to our favorite Chinese restaurants.  I did treat her today after the vaccination of her son.  It is really good to treat love ones once in a while.  I know the feeling of being treated and to treat someone.  But treating my dearest sister is different.  To see her happy of my simple treat is like heaven.  I wish to treat her more in the days to come and also the whole family.:-)


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