The girls and I

After tiring six days of staying at home and babysitting the kids, I decided to go to mall today.  At first I said I want to go alone because I want to unwind and treat myself.  I was preparing myself to go when I felt alone and I need someone to accompany me to go to mall.  I am used to go with my sister, but when she got married I always go alone unless my sister wants to come with me or wants me to accompany her.  Because I do not want to go alone, I secretly talk to my nine years old to go with me since she wanted to go to mall.  And agreed not to tell her older sister.

I was busy fixing myself when my eleven years old niece came near me and said why I did not tell her that I will bringing her sister to the  After telling me, the cry baby in the family started to cry again.sigh!  Because of the drama, I decided to bring the girls with me.  The three of us went to the mall to unwind.  To see them running in the malls made me realized that they have grown up.  It was like yesterday when they were still a baby and I carried them on my arms.  Times really fly so fast nowadays.  The next thing I know is that these girls are getting Anyways, we bought some stuffs at the mall and dine at our favorite fast food chain. Being with them is fun. I hope for more mall bonding with these girls. My new partner and buddy I must say.

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Unwind at the Beach

The past week is very tiring for me.  I am so burnt out and restless.   I was not able to attend the mass because my body is so weak.  Makes me feel lazy.  I feel so bad because I did not start my day going to church.  My father is getting better and I thank God for that.  My father’s condition makes me so tired and I have lost some of my energy.

I needed some rest and be alone to think well and being back the energy I have lost this week.  Since my favorite place to go when I needed to get some air and to have relaxation.  Good thing is a friend of mine is having her post graduation party at the beach.  I am so happy that she was invited me because I really wanted to go to beach to unwind.  Good thing is my father says yes when I told him I want to go to beach.  I talked to my older and younger brother telling them I need to relax.  I am glad that they agreed that they would be the one taking care of my father to day.  Being with nature makes me more relax and I am ready for another heavy loads in life.  I pray to God that He will give me more strength because I really needed it for my father, nieces and nephew wants my assistance.  Happy Sunday and God bless everyone!


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