Wanted to travel light

Traveling is one of the things that I wanted to do.  I like to travel because I will be able to meet new people, friends, see beautiful scenery, and to unwind.  But the place that I want to go is the province of my parents.  I want to meet my cousins there, it has been three years since the last time I visited the place.  I wish to have a vacation, because the last time I went there is because the brother of my father passed away.  I did not have time to enjoy and relax because it was an abrupt plan, plus we have to go back before new year.  The most exhausted travel I ever had.

I wish was granted because my father thought of going home this May.  He thought of visiting the tomb of her mother and departed love ones.  And he wanted me to come with him.  The timing is perfect because I really want to travel, have a short vacation away from the busy city.  I am so excited for our travel.  As early as today, I am thinking of the things that I will bring.  I want to travel light.  I am making a list of the things and the clothes that I will bring.  I thought of bringing more dress than pants because pants are heavy.  And because I do not have much dress, I will buy few dress to bring.  Hopefully I can find time to shop.

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Ended the summer with smiles and good memories

Today is the last day of summer.  The country will soon enters the rainy season of June.  Before the month of June sets in, I would like to share it here my summer that was ended with smiles and good memories.  I can tell that I have the best summer ever.  Though my previous summer was a memorable one for me, I just thought that this year was the best of all.  Why?  Because the family did have the summer vacation away from the city where we live.  We went to the province of the parents that celebrated the summer there with a bang.

For the first time, the family did visit the tourist spots that Bohol has.  It is a dream come true because we have dreamed to see the spots at Bohol, Philippines.   We did see the Tarsier ( the smallest primate), the chocolate hills, the Hinagdanan Cave, Phyton, the oldest Church and many more.  Wonderful and memorable, right?  I thank God for the blessings for without His blessings that family vacation will not be realized.  And also, I thank God for the safe trip we had.  We got home safely.  It is worth the vacation even if I got sick.

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Need a Traveling Bag

This week is the most awaited semester break at school.  It is a week of no class for both public and private schools.  Everybody is happy especially the students who wakes up very early for school.  One of those happy students are my nieces.  No class for students and teachers.  My sister who is a teacher will have a week of break as well.  She will be using her one week of vacation by visiting her in-laws in the province.  Her in-laws have not seen her son for months, that is why she would take this opportunity to spend a week with her in-laws.

While preparing the things to bring on her vacation, my sister was shocked because she brings almost all the dresses on their closet, and her bag is to small to put all their things there.  Even she is on tight budget, she thinks of buying a traveling bag now.  They need a big one because of the baby’s things to put inside.  We went to the mall this afternoon to look for a traveling bag for their vacation.  It took us an hour of looking around the mall but have not found one.  No one matches the tasted of my sister I must say.  She is a bit picky that is why finding one is very difficult.  She will look for a traveling bag tomorrow and I hope she will find one before she is running out of time.

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Packing my things

Woohoo!  This is it and this is really is it.  My father already bought the tickets for five days vacation at my grannies place.  I am so excited because it has been years since the last time I visited them.  I am busy packing my things to bring already and I am all set.  I am ready for tomorrow and so is my brother, father and nephew.  It would be a wonderful vacation for us.  I  so missed the white sand beaches there and that makes me more excited.  It is good to be away from the busy city for a while.  Have some time to relax and unwind.  And that what I am going to do for five days at my parents province.  Happy trip for us…

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