Smoke Your Way Out

I have seen people who smoke a lot.  Even though there is warning on the pack of the cigarettes, still they are buying.  Seems like they do not value their life and to those people around them.  I guess they are just insensitive and do not care enough even there are lots of campaign about quitting smoking.   I do not know what satisfaction they can get from smoking.  As I have observe, they do smoke every after mealtime.

Though it is not easy to quit because it becomes their habit, but if they are willing and determined to quit, it is an easy as a snap.  I hope and pray that soon they will realize that smoking is like killing their own selves.  They are putting into danger not only themselves but also their family and those individual who inhaled the smoke they exhaled.  We should value the gift of life from God to us.  We have to smoke our way out to have a healthy life, longer life and free from possible illness caused by smoking.  It is never too late to stop smoking now.   Let us show some love to this life and the life of others.   To those who never tried smoking, do not try to do it.  Let us live a healthy and happy life.

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