We’re not able to return it back

December 22, 2017, my sister-in-law bought a wrist watch for her first born.  One of the niece’s Christmas list, to have a new wristwatch.  Unfortunately, when they got home, the watch stops working.  We thought that the battery is low.  The brother opens the watch and then put the extra battery that the saleslady gave.  However, the watch still not working.  Herr father told her to bring back the wristwatch to the store where they bought it the following day.  I will be accompanying the niece because I will be going to the same mall to buy the sweatshirt that I like.  We are supposed to go early, however, I am so sleepy after the morning mass.  I told the niece to go after we took a nap.

We are ready to go at 10:00 in the morning of December 23, 2017, when the SIL called asking if we are already at the mall.  Told her we are about to go.  She then told us to cancel it because the said mall was on fire.  It was a very sad news because Christmas is approaching.  Because of what had happened, we ‘re not able to return the wristwatch back.  The niece is so sad, but good thing we did not go early to the mall.  The wristwatch is the niece’s remembrance.  Charge to experience.  We will just buy her another wristwatch.

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