Convinced by a friend

Ever since I have the passion to write.  I usually spend my leisure time writing poems and short stories.  This is how I spend my time especially if I am bored.  I have made more than ten poems back then when I stopped doing it.  I just lost the enthusiasm of doing it.  It is because my time is fully occupied by the projects and paper works at school.  My passion to write stops for a while even if I already finished my studies.  My mind stops to works because I am hooked with other things.

One day, a friend of mine came to visit me at home.  We were talking about our life, jobs and family when she suddenly mentioned about blogging.  She told me since I love to write, why not create a website of my own and write in there the things that I wanted to say and share.  I kinda like the idea of doing it since I am always at home and most of the time facing the computer.  Hearing her telling me the opportunities she got after creating a website convinced me to try it once.  I created a website and transferred in there the poems I wrote and a little teaser of the short stories I made.  I started with just one website at first but because I have lots of opinions, thoughts and views to share, I created another one and another one.  I end  up having  more than one blog and I am loving it.  My passion to write come alive because of a friend who convinced me to try it once.


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My Field of Interest

Back when I was still studying, I always wanted to become a fashion designer.  I do not know why but I do like to draw different kinds of dresses.  Although it is a simple one, I like to make a signature dress one day.  As time go by, my interest changed into writing poems and short stories.  I just look around me and then start writing.  I wanted to pursue my dreams to become a fashion designer but my family can’t afford me.  Plus my sister told me to get a course that I could get a job easily.  I end up taking up business related course.  I did not like it at first, but after a while I manage to like my course.  During my leisure time, I write anything that comes up on my mind.  And since then writing becomes my first love because I feel the passion from my heart.

I finished my course with good grades and I am happy about.  I did find a job that is related to the course I finished but I always resigned.  I do not know why, I feel there is something inside me that is longing for something.  I stayed at home for quite some time and continue doing my first love which is to write.  One day I am surprised to know that I start writing things online.  I am enjoying doing it and loving it very much.  I learned and I earned.  I then realized that to write is my field of interest.

I am thinking to get another course or to get masters degree, but I do not know what I will pick.  I have to listen to what my hearts says and then decide what to career I am going to pursue.

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How did it start?

It started when I was still in high school.  Every time I get bored from listening to my teacher, I write every thing that comes into my mind.   Mostly I write about how boring the teacher is, and the class.  Once my teacher caught me not listening.  She came near to me and asked me what I am doing.  I said, ” I was writing something because I am bored”.  That is how frank I am.  I am glad that my teacher did not get mad.  She just turned around and continues the class.  The following day, our school guidance counselor calls me and said to meet her in the office.  Oh well, I got what I

From then on I started to write in my leisure time.  When I see something new to me I write something about it but in a poem way.  I have made several poems back then.  Sad to say I cannot locate it anymore because I just put it somewhere. sigh!  My passion to write develops when I was in college because plenty of topics to write about.  I feel relieved after writing what I’ve wanted to say. As you can see I am still writing till now and will be doing it for longer time.

My first love is to write because I felt the passion of doing it.  And this how it is started.

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